Seeds of BAMM

Who Are We?

Seeds of BAMM is a coalition of Black students at the University of Washington School of Medicine (UWSOM). BAMM was created in order to address anti-Black racism and white supremacy within medicine, specifically at UWSOM; to create the conditions for accountability for our administration and faculty so that they can recognize and dismantle their anti-Blackness; and to make the necessary changes to UWSOM so that it will become an institution that serves and protects its Black students and patients.

Our Mission

For years, Black students have continuously organized and fought against the white supremacy and anti-Blackness inherent to UWSOM. However, much of this rich legacy of student-lead anti-racist advocacy is erased by UWSOM administration and faculty due to their slow progress on agreeing to student demands and overall lack of transparency. To combat this historic amnesia, this website will archive all the demands issued by Black students across the history of UWSOM and provide regular updates on UWSOM’s progress on these demands. It will also serve as a documentation hub for specific instances of anti-Black racism at UWSOM. Through publicizing this information, we are holding UWSOM accountable to both student demands and the harms that this institution has caused both Black students and patients.

BAMM’s namesake comes from the Black revolutionaries James Baldwin, Assata Shakur, Malcolm X, and Marsha P. Johnson. We are indebted to their work and that of the countless other radical Black folks who have come before us. In their footsteps, we shaving edges.